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Servo-Dental公司作为牙科技工行业中的佼佼者,已有约40年的历史。公司具备高 度的前瞻性,为技工室提供各类精密附着体、按扣附着体系统和耗材。


Servo-Dental offers a wide range of precision attachments, anchor systems, latches and consumables for labs.

Anchor System

Anchor System

The Servo-Dental anchor system is an extra coronal retaining element for
partial prosthetics. You can choose from a resilient and a rigid version.
Advantages: The Servo-Dental Anchor System with interchangeable and activatable anchor ensures a safe fixation to the residual denture.
Due to the slightly conical shape of the anchor the work can be easily inserted by the patient, thus enabling perfect hygiene.



The ROD-Attachment is a rigid, extra coronal slide attachment. The male
is made of burn-out plastics and can be therefore cast in nearly every alloy. The female is made of a highly elastic and precise acrylic material. The female is easy to replace.

Ball Anchors horizontal

Ball Anchors horizontal

The Ball anchor horizontal is an inexpensive retaining element, easy to handle and distinguished by a wide range of applications. The standard Ball anchor horizontal has a diameter of 2.5 mm, the Ball anchor horizontal micro has a diameter of 1.8 mm.
The Ball anchors are available as rounded or straight bars as well as singles. The scope of application reaches from the extracoronal retaining element to a bar attachment as well as retaining element on implants.


Servo-Dental GmbH & Co. KG
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Managing Director
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