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OccluSense ® - Innovative System for digital Occlusion Test The new system, developed by Bausch, combines the traditional and digital registration of the pressure distribution of the occlusal surfaces. For more information, go to

参展商: Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG

HyFlex EDM

电火花蚀刻工艺—高达700%的抗折性 HyFlex EDM是第五代镍钛根管器械的代表,它采用最新的电火花蚀刻工艺制成,相对于传统镍钛锉,性能上有了翻天覆地的变化。在加工过程中能够瞬时集中大量的热能,金属材料表面通过熔化、汽化等方式形成独特,高强度的粗糙表面,极大的提高了锉的抗折性。相对于传统的镍钛锉,HyFlex EDM的抗折性高达700%。 控制记忆的镍钛合金—遵循根管解剖形态 HyFlex CM广为人知的“控制记忆”特性已经被实验证实, HyFlex...

参展商: Coltène/Whaledent


亮点 • 多点触控电容屏 • 10.4寸高分辨率屏幕显示 • 革命性的移动端控制(支持平板电脑) • 轻触式平台升降操作 • 云端数据库连接 • 可通过互联网远程操作 • 集成电话服务支持 • 内置质量管理系统 • 云端数据备份及软件升级 • 航天铝合金外壳(黑色或银色)

参展商: DEKEMA Dental-Keramiköfen GmbH

RatioPlant Avantgarde-PLUS

The latest baby from the HumanTech R&D-Team is called RatioPlant Avantgarde-PLUS. From now on this novel type of a dental implant, with all its unique features can be used. The CE-approval was granted on 27.7.2017 from the notified body. With its outstanding biomechanical advantages,...

参展商: HumanTech Germany GmbH


因为在采用了锥体止停的设计,使用梅森格的颌面嵌体预备套装可以让医师精准地达到需要的预备深度。在咬合面上交错预备时可以实现完美的倾斜的预备效果。 该套装内的钻石车针提供了1.5毫米,1.8毫米,2.0毫米,2.2毫米以及2.4毫米的工作头长度,针对不同的修复材料及要求。另外还有一支1.0毫米深度的车针针对唇侧颌面的制备。 该套装还有锥形工作头的版本,额外提供了嵌体及高嵌体的制备可能。

参展商: Hager & Meisinger GmbH


梅森格螺旋精修钨钢车针由于采用了特别的螺旋及角度设计,非常适合处理复合树脂材料。 独特的切刃确保了使用中平滑地移动,从而能得到大大超过普通钨钢精修针所能达到的表面精度。 这种特制螺旋车针在使用中不会在材料表面留下痕迹,从而获得极低的表面粗糙度。 同时区别于金刚砂车针研磨的表面工作方式,螺旋钨钢车针处理后的材料表面也优于通过超细金刚砂车针加工后的表面。

参展商: Hager & Meisinger GmbH

针对二矽酸锂的LUSTER®套装 LUS80和LUS100

梅森格特别研发的针对二矽酸锂增强型玻璃陶瓷修复的LUSTER抛光系统。 其钻石抛光器械适用于口内和口外修复。抛光该陶瓷材料的关键在于缩短修整和抛光的时间,从而最大可能的避免生热。梅森格的器械因此作出了特别的设计,操作时几乎不发热,进而避免材料上微裂纹的产生。 该LUSTER套装为用户提供了完全无需抛光膏的两阶段抛光系统,最终义齿可以获得自然的外观以及极高的光泽度。 另外套装还提供给了用户针对接触点和其他表面修复的器械。 高品质的套装盒标识清晰,方便使用和管理,另外还可以和器械一起进行消毒处理。

参展商: Hager & Meisinger GmbH

Tools for CAD/CAM Systems

As an innovative manufacturer of high quality rotary dental instruments NTI has launched the first 59 instruments (3 mm and 6 mm shank size) out of 179 of a new range of CAD/CAM Tools for the IDS 2017 to satisfy our claim of being a full-service provider. The range is suitable for machines...

参展商: NTI-Kahla GmbH - Rotary Dental Instruments

Tungsten Carbide Cutters for PEEK & PMMA

The new QCE blade configuration enables speedy material reduction with a sharp cut without material heating. This creates a smooth material surface, so that it can then be easily polished. For separating retention bars, reducing their stubs and ajusting uneven areas in the shape. Suitable for...

参展商: NTI-Kahla GmbH - Rotary Dental Instruments

NEW Milling Technique Cutters for NP Alloys

Even in the CAD/CAM era, fixed-removable restorations using telescope crowns or milled shoulders for bracing units are an indispensible part of the daily routine of laboratories. The surface quality is an important criterion for achieving perfect anti-friction properties. Two new cutters with...

参展商: NTI-Kahla GmbH - Rotary Dental Instruments

AXIOCOMP - The First Digital SAM Articulator

AXIOCOMP The First Digital SAM Articulator is A Software for Study, Teaching, Documentation and Patient Education. The Digital Function Suite has many Numerous Modules and the download is for free. Free Features All Setting Options are like in the Analog Device. You can cross fading with...

参展商: SAM Präzisionstechnik GmbH

Protect SH-D - The ultimate combination of protection and illumination

NEW: Individual positioning and flexible placement. L Protect SH-D offers a unique combination of modern, energy-saving workstation illumination and a protective glass pane. Equipped with highly efficient SMD-LED‘s, L Protect offers an exceptional illumination of the working area...

参展商: Schick GmbH


VITA SMART.FIRE is a firing unit developed specifically for dental practices for the crystallization, glaze, stain, and corrective firing of all common chairside materials. Selecting the materials and starting the program are done in just one step. Optimally, customized material-specific...

参展商: VITA Zahnfabrik

VITA Easyshade V

VITA Easyshade ® V With the new VITA Easyshade V, high-precision VITA vEye technology ensures that the digital focus remains squarely on tooth-shade determination and communication. The user-oriented operating concept is rounded off perfectly by a brilliant color OLED touch display that...

参展商: VITA Zahnfabrik

VITA Akzent Plus

Greater freedom for your practice and laboratory Are you looking for a simple yet effective approach to stain glazing, coloring and glazing? Then VITA AKZENT Plus is the product line for you. This system, comprised of stain glazing, masking and glazing shades, offers unbeatable freedom for...

参展商: VITA Zahnfabrik



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